Saturday, September 14, 2013

Penguin Cha-Cha Book Launch

Today was the Book Launch Party for PENGUIN CHA-CHA at my local Barnes & Noble. What a toe-tapping, knee-knocking, rocking good time!

My dashing penguin companion made sure all was ready.
A wonderful local bakery, Fresh Baked by Tracy, made the cakes with my illustrations on them.

The cakes turned out adorable.
The books were set up and ready for readers.

I signed my first Penguin Cha-Cha book. Yay!

The line formed.
The stand-up cut-outs made by were a hit. 
Turn yourself into a dancing penguin!

I read the book to the kids.
We learned the basic cha-cha-cha step.
Then we learned how to hold our hands to make them into pretty Latin dancing hands.

Put the steps and arm motions together to cha-cha! 
A sweet group of friends.

A darling dancer.
Thank you to all who came and helped my penguins to dance into the hands of readers! And thank you to SCBWI for the marketing grant that made this super fun book launch possible!


Catherine Constance said...

Looks like you had some very happy the cover of your book and I love to cha cha... :)

Jennifer Rumberger said...

Looks like the kids had lots of fun. Congrats on a successful launch party!

Kayleen said...

Love your stand-up penguins, stuffed penguin and cakes! Do you have a matching scarf as well? Did your pub'r help with these?

Kristi Valiant said...

Thanks, Catherine, Jennifer, and Kayleen!
Kayleen, yep, my scarf has penguins on it too. I bought it from Etsy. My husband's sign company,, made the stand-up cut-outs. My mom made the stuffed penguin for me. And my friend's bakery,, made the cakes. I had won a marketing grant from to help with it all. It was a fabulous time!

Judith L. Roth said...

What a fantastic book launch! Congratulations, Kristi!