Friday, September 06, 2013

Illustration Friday: Hidden

I illustrated this for the book, STAR BUBBLE TROUBLE, by Cecelia Galante, published by Random House. It's an early chapter book that has about 20 black & white illustrations inside the book plus a full color cover.

Chapter books are a lot of fun to illustrate, especially series like this one, because you get to draw the same characters over and over again and really get to know them. In this series, Willa Bean has such authentic, strong feelings and the way she reacts usually gets her into unintended trouble. She's funny and real and has a big heart. If you'd like to break into illustrating kid's books, you may want to try creating some chapter book illustrations for your portfolio.

Since my picture book, PENGUIN CHA-CHA, launched last week, I've been featured on a few blogs. There's a giveaway and interview on Elizabeth Dulemba's blog. Check out my guest post on the difference between illustrating someone else's text and illustrating my own text on Tara Lazar's blog. Then dance on over to the Celebri-DOTS blog to see my round penguin as a Celebri-DOT (inspired by Peter H Reynolds' picture book, THE DOT).



Deb Dunk said...

Funny you should suggest making chapter book illustrations for a fledgling illustrator's portfolio. That's exactly what my Illustration Friday piece was from this week, as I'm working on YA book cover and interior illustrations for my portfolio. Love your submission for "Hidden"!

Kristi Valiant said...

Thanks, Deb! Most YA books don't use very much or any illustration - they tend to go more for photos on the cover and no interior illustrations. Middle grade uses more illustration, though, and early chapter books use a lot of illustration, including interiors. So you may want to show some younger than YA in your portfolio. Check through the various age ranges in bookstores. Hope that helps!

Kim Buchheit said...

oooh, excellent! what a talent you are!

Deb Dunkelberg said...

Thanks for your reply. I have a lot to learn about the terminology, and probably misspoke there and lumped MG in with YA. I'm definitely gearing the illustrations to an 8-12 year old Middle Grader audience to round out my portfolio. Thanks so much for your kind advice. I look forward to seeing more of your work in print and on Illustration Friday!

RWDillustration said...

Fantastic, as always.