Friday, May 08, 2009

NaPiBoWriWee - Results

I made it! Just barely, but I made it. At 11:35 pm on Day 7 I finished my 7th picture book manuscript in 7 days! Whoo-hoo!!!

PB 1: Funny fiction, main character is an elephant.
PB 2: Funny fiction, main character is a hamster.
PB 3: Rhyming (Why did I do that to myself? I've never written in rhyme! But at least I have a poet in my critique group).
PB 4: Sweet fiction (Again, a stretch for me because I don't like sweet'n'sappy).
PB 5: Funny fiction, main character is a flamingo.
PB 6: Funny & adventurous fiction, main character is a grasshopper.
PB 7: Kinda weird and scary, main character is a monster (It was definitely time for this challenge to be over!)

I really like some of my picture books that I wrote this week, and I would even go so far as to say they all have potential as first drafts. I'm going to put them away for a number of days before reading them again to see which I'll start revising. Did you participate? How did it go?


Diandra Mae said...

Looks like you did really well Kristi! I'm impressed you were able to complete all 7 and be relatively satisfied with them.

I ended up with:
PB1: Young girl, silly fiction
PB2: Creature Cafe, rhyming (I've never done it before, but it just came out that way!)
PB3: Rainy Day, concept book
PB4: Chicken, fiction
Pb5: Duck, silly fiction
I got really stuck the last two days and PB6 and Pb7 were so awful I'm not even counting them.

Hey, congrats on winning a prize on Paula's site! I'm buying a button to wear to LA this August. :)

Mary Uhles said...

saw on the list serve that you were the drawn out of the hat! congrats, i think the stars are aligned for you this year;) btw are you going to the LA conference this year? i'm trying to decide if i will or not....

Kelly H-Y said...

Wow ... congrats on your progress! That's awesome!