Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Orphan Works Bill

Have you heard about the Orphan Works Bill that has been proposed? It could devastate artists' careers by allowing anyone to use our artwork and claim that they can't find the copyright holder of that piece of art. Our paintings or photographs can easily be labeled "orphan" and are then open to anyone to use. If we find someone using our work, we need to take them to court, prove that we own the copyright to the image, and then we'll only be compensated a "reasonable" amount for use of that piece of artwork because the infringer did nothing wrong if they claim they couldn't find the copyright owner. It puts the burden on the artist instead of on the infringer. The infringer will have no reason to try to find a copyright holder. It's just wrong.

Illustrators Partnership has set up a website where you can email your Senators and Representatives about this bill with just one click:

If you're a visual artist, please become educated on this issue and take action.

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