Thursday, March 29, 2007

Illustration Friday - "I Spy"

(click on image to make it larger)

I Spy fireworks, Jack-o-Lanterns, Easter eggs,
Bunny-eared Santa, Cupid's leprechaun legs,

A cheerleader pyramid, a witch's bat,
Lanterns, a turkey, Easter Bunny's green hat.

My two-year-old nephew loves the "I Spy" books. He's super perceptive and can spot the smallest details in all of the images.


studio lolo said...

Bright and whimsical! Wonderful illo :)

Janice said...

Im smiling here... I can just see a child having fun with this pic... Hey.. I did!

tusen said...

wow, what a combination. Great joyful illustration.

Kim Buchheit said...

oh, what a great illo! beautiful, complex, and fun.

mrana said...

This is wonderful! So cheering and so beautifully illustrated, I love it, and the rest of your work.

Mandy said...

I love your use of jack-o-lanterns! Very creative and fun.